One room challenge: Week 1

Hello and welcome to my blog! I made this blog simply to participate in the spring One Room Challenge—a blogging event where you redecorate one room over 6 weeks.

I have always loved reading and watching the transformations of the participating bloggers and decided that now was a perfect time to join in on the fun. You see, I moved into my new apartment in New York just a few days ago. I working with a perfectly clean slate and am up for the challenge, what could be better??

So, let’s begin with the space. I’ve decided to do my bedroom for the ORC a) because I’ll be spending a lot of time in here and b) I can make all the executive decisions. I have a lovely roommate (BFF from high school!) and together we have made some excellent decisions for the common areas, but I’m excited to let my personal style really show in my bedroom.

Warning: it is super, super tiny!!

one room challenge bedroom redesign

One room challenge bedroom redeisgn


And a panorama since the space is HUGE!

One room challenge bedroom redesign

That’s it. An especially small space as you can see, but still lots of potential. Im excited to make this my own stylish and cozy lil bedroom!

Also, since the space is small and I like to consider myself an overachiever, Im throwing in the bedroom entryway into the ORC…a bonus round if you will. See below:

one room challenge bedroom redeisign

Note: The entry way is basically 2ft by 2ft. If I don’t complete this “bonus round” I dont even deserve to play the game!

Next week I will share more of my plan and inspiration, which is already partly underway. Think preppy, bohemian, “downtown cool girl”… things I aspire to be, but will have to settle for a chic duvet cover instead. Stay tuned!

PS- I don’t really have any other plans for this blog other than the ORC. I might post about other home stuff during the week but not totally sure

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